Mastering in vitro production for over 20 years

For many years, Eurosteme has specialised in the in vitro production of fruit tree rootstocks. More recently, the business has diversified with the production of kiwifruit, in vitro chestnut trees and new innovative varieties for the sector.

This structure, based in Saint-Etienne, became part of STAR GROUP in 2012. It is 50% owned and co-managed with Lafond Nurseries.

Why opt for in vitro propagation?

Producing in vitro has the following advantages

  • propagating varieties under sterile conditions, quickly and in large quantities
  • guaranteeing the sanitary quality of the plants
  • mastering the genetic authenticity of varieties
  • concentrating production on a small area
  • controlling precisely all production factors
  • managing finely energy savings and waste management

Preserving French know-how

Eurosteme has a large and rich conservatory of rootstocks for the majority of fruit tree species: apple, pear, plum, peach, cherry, chestnut and kiwi, most of which are INFEL certified, i.e. derived from the G1 mother tree, genetically and health-controlled by the CTIFL.

Eurosteme is inspected every year by the CTIFL and the French government to:

  • guarantee the authenticity of the plant material
  • control its sanitary quality
  • ensure the complete reliability of the traceability system throughout the production chain.